Covid19 and how to stay sane during an international lockdown

So…I was trying not to….but I said it.

The C-word….Coronavirus!

This is not going to be a sobby post about how I am losing my income for as long as this will last. Many of us are and this will stay a positive and inspiring place for as long as I shall….try!Read More

Urban Flamenco

During the eight years I have lived in Seville, I was lucky enough to form contacts an friendships with Flamenco performers and Flamenco show organizers. Read More

Wedding FAQ

So here is a rundown of what a perfect relationship with your wedding photographer (aka….ME) looks like. Read More

swipe right…

what makes you you?

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Photoshop and my two weeks perception rule…

One of the most asked questions I get from my clients is about my stand on photoshop.

Questions usually tend to come up in this following order….more or less…..basically at every single session!Read More

Confidence is beauty

How to be irresistibly sexy and attractive instantly on your photoshoot!

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Personal Branding for your Online presence, because the first impression counts!

What is this Personal Branding?

Nowadays we all rely on our online presence. We need profile pictures for just about every account you try to open online, no matter their services.

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Welcome 2018 and Welcome Jasmin Bauer Photography

Hello World …. again

Is this not how almost all first blogposts start?

Although this is not the first blogost, this is the first post as Jasmin Bauer. I have done it! I have re-branded my Business.

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A romantic and elegant Destination Wedding in Valencia – Spain

Eva and Pablo were destined to be together. Despite the distance between Valencia and Edinburgh and the struggles of a long distance relationship, I still remember the first time I met Pablo… he told me he would marry Eva one day.
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