Downsizing your wedding does not have to be a bad thing!

I would go as far as saying it’s a good thing!

You get to marry your other half in front of a small selection of your favourite people. And you even get to spend time with EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. Something that just is impossible at big weddings.

Having a smaller size group means that you might have to jiggle and rethink your guest list, but once that is done, the rest becomes just so much easier. 


Micro Weddings are not really a new COVID-19 thing. They are just small weddings and existed long before, the only difference is that we are now forced to downsize.


Smaller weddings in my opinion just help with the stress, the budget trouble, the Catering choices and the overall enjoyment. 

All that said, don’t compromise on things you really want.

With cut in numbers of guests you can spend money that you safe on other things you could not have afforded with a big wedding. Champagne for everybody, Vivienne Westwood shoes, Caviar and golden spoons…..
Or maybe a secret elopement to Edinburgh with just your witnesses? 

Make it yours. It’s your BIG day!

  • Price

  • £325

    covering ceremony and formal portraits
  • *Edinburgh city weddings only
  • 10 Guests max.

I will document your ceremony and capture beautiful portraits of you and your guests after.

Edinburgh has so many beautiful corners, so no matter where you get married and what type of ceremony you chose, we will be able to create some beautiful images for you to last a lifetime!

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