Let me photograph you!

Well Hello there...

Well Hello there...

But first……

Hello, this is me! I am Jasmin. I specialize in taking beautiful portraits of beautiful people and showing them how I see them.

Sometimes we all need a little help to see our own potential. I have a talent to show you your beauty through my camera. I can see beauty in everybody and I would love to show you how I do that.

I love real people all ages, shapes and backgrounds. Everybody is unique and everybody is enough! Be you! And be proud of you!

I will coach and guide you into poses that will flatter you and take the best photographs of you you have ever seen!
Not being photogenic does not exist! I promise to change your mind about it and I would love you to challenge me on that!
It’s all about angles and lights and styling and…blah blah blah…..what it really is about is confidence and about feeling good. And I will promise you that you will love the experience and most importantly you will not only look but you will feel beautiful!

And the best part? The best part about being photographed by me is that your only responsibility is to show up.

I love seeing the transformation of my clients in front of the camera. But the real magic happens when you will look at your photographs and see how beautiful you are. That is most definitely the best part of the whole photoshoot.

So rest assured that I will give my absolute best to make sure this happens every  single  time !


I returned to view the photos and was thrilled with the end result. The images are perfect for my website and better than I could have hoped for – Carri

Jasmin made me feel fabulous! She made me feel totally at ease and she has great ideas and direction. I was completely wowed by my photos!

Photoshoots with you are like meeting a friend you haven’t seen a long time! Loved it!

Jasmin is such a wonderful and talented woman 🙂  She makes you feel so comfortable during the session and it makes it easier!

I can’t recommend Jasmin highly enough! I’ve worked with her on numerous occasions and each time have been blown away with the results and natural, amazing shots she captured!

Jasmin helped me to be very comfortable, in an environment I would not normally be comfortable in. It was a lot of fun and I would highly recommend Jasmin.