Wow, does that not sound quite self obsessed?

Yes, I guess…but that’s ok

I would love to share my Project “SKIN” with you

I thought sharing is empowering, so here gos my vulnerable self for you to observe.
Before you visit my Gallery, a few words….

How many days a week do you wake up look into the mirror and see the person you most love in this world?


I don’t see her very often, Not every day is filled with love. We all have ups and downs.

But I tell her every day and it helps her believing that she is special. She is not confined to her body, but her body is the first thing I see when I look at her. I love her body when I sit down and think about it, there are so many ways in which it is incredibly amazing and beautiful.

How many (many) years it has carried her through life. Scars from missteps and mistakes made. Moles, wrinkles and the obvious love handles and cellulite dimples.
Everything tells a story. And when she closes her eyes and listens to those stories, she likes them.
Yet when she opens her eyes she can only see the flaws and the longing to have a perfect body.

Maybe a perfect body would help her get more friends, more success in her business, more credibility from people she looks up to. More likes on her Instagram and Facebook….. Because that is what she came to learn to believe.

That’s when I tell her in the morning that she is mighty, mighty fine and exceptionally brave when she has to and vulnerable when she can. She is human and she is loved.

She sometimes rejects the love she needs the most. Self-love! That’s why I tell her, every opportunity I can.

I usually do this when I am alone with her, but today I wanted to share.

I love her. I love me!


art prints of body landscapes

This gallery would have never seen the light of day if it was not for Nadia Meli. She is an absolute powerhouse and an inspiration. She is a very talented photographer, this is how I “knew” her….. but I am getting to know her better with every single post, video poem and information she shares. She is a pure heart and has the words for things I feel and would never know how to express.

Nadia you are amazing! Thank you for choosing me to be so lucky to win the Pic-time competition. Thanks Pic-time for the prize. And thanks Photography farm and Lisa Devlin for creating opportunities like these.
I am truly lucky and so grateful!