Covid19 and how to stay sane during an international lockdown

So…I was trying not to….but I said it.

The C-word….Coronavirus!

This is not going to be a sobby post about how I am losing my income for as long as this will last. Many of us are and this will stay a positive and inspiring place for as long as I shall….try!Read More

Welcome 2018 and Welcome Jasmin Bauer Photography

Hello World …. again

Is this not how almost all first blogposts start?

Although this is not the first blogost, this is the first post as Jasmin Bauer. I have done it! I have re-branded my Business.

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Short and HOT home visit in Sevilla

We recently been back to Sevilla in Spain.

For those of you who don’t know, Victor is from Sevilla and I have lived and fell in love with Sevilla during my time there.

So every time we go back, it feels like home to me. Obviously because Victor’s parents make me feel at home, but as well because my heart feels at home the minute I enter this gorgeous beautiful city.

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I grew up in a tiny village in Germany with a Castle on top of a tiny hill and Surrounded by forests.

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