I believe that photographs should live in prints! 

How do you display your images?


have your Keepsake Box on Display, ready to show off for you 😀

wallnut eleganr moody keepsake box for your memories

Remember CDs? They are only a decade away from being used, yet…how many times have you gone back to look through a CDs full of photos that you burned using Nero on your desktop PC?
(Giving you hints here at how old I am)

The answer is probably close to Zero. And now imagine in another few decades. Will CDs even exist anymore? Ok, let’s move on to USB sticks, they killed the CD home burning industry. Do you go through those? Do you even use them anymore?
Ah..it all lives in the cloud and the cloud is there forever….just like My Space…you thought.

Do you know what will survive time?


I love my Grandmother’s flat.

It’s filled with photos. All my family my cousins, weddings christenings, Christmas snaps and even little and big me. All plastered over her walls.

This is where my family history lives, like literally!

Ok ok…I hear you. You don’t want all your 500 wedding images printed and framed on the wall. I get it 🙂

So you think an Album is the way to go? You can fit about 150 to 200 images in an Album and that’s prints as well, right? Sure…..

And whilst having an Album is something tangible and something that will survive the times. Let’s be honest. You only see the images when you take the album out of the protective box, and the album box and then take the album, pour yourself a tea and sit down for it. Right?

But how many times will you go through your album, or show it to friends?

Whatever you think the answer is, I bet it’s less in reality.

So why do I think a box is a better option? Think of it as a framed image living in your house. Every time you walk by, you see your beautiful image. With the added plus of being able to swap them out and around at your hearts content.


Let me tell you why I love the Keepsake Box...

They are absolute gorgeous! The box itself is beautiful, well made and has absolute great finishing! They are available in Wallnut or black Leatherette.

They feel smooth and heavy.

But what they do best is:

  • keep
  • preserve
  • store

all your favourite images. Your wedding, your Portrait session or both combined.

The box can hold up to 20 matted and mounted prints. You can choose your 15 favourite images from within your gallery and will then receive the ready matted and assembled box at home. With room in the Box to add more images in the future.

You can use your box for storage and safekeeping. But what makes them so special is that they can be used like a frame. Just choose any of the prints from your box to display inside the window of your box. Portrait or landscape. And you can change them so easily I bet you will rotate a lot!

you might still ask yourself....

So Why is this better than a photo album?

  • I think a single photo is so much easier to appreciate then a collage of many.
  • Trust me, your albums will only catch dust after some time on your shelves
  • You can use the box forever and add new and more photos any time you like
  • you can show off your favourite images and keep the ones that are private or special to inside the box
  • The box feels good. Weird to read but once you hold and touch one, you  will totally understand me

This is how I most love to see my photos and it is what warms my heart when I see your photos in their own gorgeous boxes.

If you want to come by the studio (if Covid restrictions permit ) then send me a message and I would love you to see a sample of what could be your keepsake box full of memories.