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Beautiful woman sitting on an old trunk in a photostudio
I specialise in modern contemporary Magazine style fashion portraits.
let me explain this…
I want everybody to be able to experience a supermodel experience in my studio or on location. Have you ever dreamt of being the person who’s photo you admire in a fashion magazine?
You can be that person!
With complimentary hair, makeup and styling, you will be a star! And nothing is better for our soul than to fall in love with who we are, and that’s exactly what I will do for and with you!

All sessions require a non refundable session fee of £125

Included within the session fee is:

  • the actual Session
  • Complimentary Hair and Makeup
  • My Signature editing on all delivered images
  • Your Reveal session 


All Prints and Products are not included in the session fee and are sold separately.

Looking for a Portrait Photographer in Edinburgh?
Call ME

With your hair and your makeup done there is no stopping a beautiful soul from shining!

That’s when I pick up my camera and capture your magic.
This is when I will see the real you.
This is the you I want you to see  E V E R Y  time you look into the mirror.

I will capture this experience for you and you will fall in love with your portraits.


Session Fee £125

  • 5 Prints of your choice
  • £ 335

    digital files of chosen images included
  • 10 Prints of your choice
  • £ 635

    digital files of chosen images included
  • 20 Prints of your choice
  • £ 1250

    digital files of chosen images included

Wall Portraits

7×10 £75

11×14 £125

16×20 £180

24×30 £230

Session fee includes Hair, Makeup your pre-Consultation and your Viewing session and is non refundable

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If you still have some questions, let’s see if those FAQs below help…if not….you know….shout out!

Do I have to come alone?

Absolutely not.

Bring whomever you want. I would recommend not to be more than 5 people at the same time. The more people the longer the session and some people tend to loose interest. some people in bigger groups might naturally stay in the background whilst others love to be in the frontline.

Imagine two of your best friends have a birthday in the same month. Would it not be great to get some beautiful pictures taken as a present?

Or even your pet, as long as it is a pet that does not need a special permit to be in certain places…I’m thinking Dinosaurs….Unicorns….and did I mention I dislike Spiders….so please no spiders.

Where are you based and how far can you travel?

I am based in Edinburgh and I travel wherever you want me to go to 🙂 Simples!

My studio is located at a short walk from the main trainstation (Waverly 15 min) You will come in for your consultation before your shoot to see what I do and where I do it.

If you have a special location in mind to be photographed, tell me all about it. I love location shoots as much as I love my studio.

Do I get the raw files?

Short answer is no.

After your shoot with me you will come back to my studio to your reveal session. This is where you get to see your beautiful portraits for the first time. Eeeeep!

What you see then is what you get to take home. All portraits will be printed and matted with love and care for you to have some ready to frame portraits.

Depending on the collection you will choose, you will receive your images in a beautiful Foliobox for keeping them save and storing them at home forever.


What if I only want the digital files?

Then I would recommend you to gift the prints!

Ehm…what? Yes, I believe in prints! A printed photo will last a lifetime. A digital file will get lost, forgotten or worse…deleted by accident. I love seeing my work printed professionally, it makes me fuzzy and warm. I am as excited as you, to see the prints when they arrive. I always love how the printed portraits look and feel when you hold them in your hands.

If you are still not convinced, no worries, everybody is different. I sell prints of my work and give the digital file with them. So you will get the digital copy together with the prints you purchase. But I do not sell digitals as a standalone product.

Who keeps the Copyright

I do. That means I am the creator and I am the owner of the Photos, just like a painter will always be the painter of his/her drawings.

It also means that if somebody contacts you to be able to use one of the photos, you will just refer them to me.

You can however share the pictures on Social Media or with friends and family, But don’t worry, I’ll explain all of this again when you sign my model release at the studio.

When will I see the Photos?

It will take me approximately a week.

Once we have finished the photoshoot we will talk about booking in your viewing session at around a weeks time from the date.

Why you Jasmin?

Short answer….don’t know.

You have now seen a digital version of me, my style, my character and who I am.

Next thing to do is to meet. If you are in Edinburgh we will meet at my studio or alternatively I know of loads of nice places to meet.

If you are somewhere else, I do Skype 🙂 So let’s meet. And then it will hopefully be easy for you to answer this question for yourself.

And if you do, then tell me so I can go ahead and change the answer here too 🙂

One thing is for sure. I am the most happy when you see your portraits and fall in love with them. So I can promise you I will passionately to make this happen!

What should I wear?

There is no better excuse to get glammed up and fabulous then for a Portrait session with me!

Sequins, tulle and silk are my best friends! I have a beautiful selection of dresses in all sizes at the studio in case you are like me and have nothing to wear 😀

Jeans and sweater, sexy transparent, cocktail dress or suit? Don’t worry, everything goes!

But don’t stress about what to dress (see what I did there?) In our consultation we will talk about what to wear and what to avoid.

Do you do Make up and Hair?

Seriously? Have you seen me? You’d be happy to know that I do not! But I can arrange a great professional Hair and Makeup artist to help you getting ready for your session if you would like me to.

So, I am really unphotogenic, like really...

There is no such thing!

I love a challenge and this must be my favourite one of them all. Everybody is photogenic!

If you feel empowered and confident, your beauty is almost palpable. You will have to trust me that I will be able to take the most beautiful portrait of you you have ever seen!

And if you hate all your photos, then just don’t buy them 🙂 No pressure. I am sure you will like them though, isn’t this why you are investing in a professional photographer?

What if the photos I have seen don't really look like what I am expecting to receive?

Hmm….I guess we are not a good match then.
And as sad as this might be, I think you should continue looking for a professional photographer whom pictures you absolutely fall in love with.
Somebody you think you can connect with and who’s website really speaks to you.

I have not seen a package that really suits what I am looking for?

You can always choose a collection that comes closest to what you would like and add prints from the a la carte menu. I am very flexible in creating some lasting products that you will love, so if you have a specific idea in mind, please let me know and I am sure we can find a solution.