Wedding FAQ

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A romantic and elegant Destination Wedding in Valencia – Spain

Eva and Pablo were destined to be together. Despite the distance between Valencia and Edinburgh and the struggles of a long distance relationship, I still remember the first time I met Pablo… he told me he would marry Eva one day.
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Wedding Amanda and Craig

If you live in Scotland…..chances  are you might remember the 17th of June. Because it was one of the most beautiful days of the year. We called that day Summer that year 🙂

Sunny warm, not one cloud in the sky and not one tiny drop of rain… other words…PERFECT!
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Couple Session at the Hermitage with Karin and John

Let me tell you about Karin and John.

Karin is a former work colleague and a good friend. She and her boyfriend John live together in the US and Germany, yes both….sounds stressful right?

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Amanda and Craig pre-wedding shoot at Cramond beach

When you take the first picture of a pre-wedding shoot and you just click with the couple, you know that you will come home with hundreds of photos and memories of a great day!

And this is exactly how it happened. Sometimes when I start a shoot it takes a while to warm up to the couple, or for them to warm up towards me. Not with Amanda and Craig. They are the best!

Craig just seemed to know exactly what to do or say to make Amanda laugh at all times.

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Wedding dress

I am a girl……a “dream-wedding-organized-in-my-head-since-I-was-twelve-even-if-I-did-not-have-a-boyfriend-then” …kinda girl. That girl, you know…remember Monica from friends….there you go. At least in terms of wedding things, I am just like her.

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Georgina & Carlos Wedding

You may remember about our friends Carlos & Georgina and their busy 2015, if not, feel free to read all about it here “Carlos & Georgina Pre Wedding Shoot”

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Carlos & Georgina Pre Wedding Shoot

Just because is Valentine’s Day today, let us share a beautiful love story with you…

2015 was a busy year for our friends and favourite models, Carlos and Georgina.

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