So the times have changed and let’s just face it. What we thought is normal and what we took for granted…’s gone…for now.
Nobody knows when our normal will be back, but what we know is that we will do our best to change, adapt and make the best of it. Because that’s what we have to do.

What does that mean for Weddings?

I think we will be seeing a trend of Weddings becoming much smaller events. And I know that one of the more difficult things when planning a wedding is keeping the guestlist manageable. So why not…since we are already half there….make the jump to


…the new “e” word….

romantic wedding vow renewal celebration

Sounds scary and sounds like mum and auntie Janet would be angry? Well….yes….and (!) it’s not about them!

It’s your wedding and it’s about you! 

So here are a few reasons to think about why changing your wedding plans and maybe elope?

Wikipedia says:
Elopement is a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion.”

Two things I love….sudden and secret!

  • That means, forget about the planning. All you need is your paperwork and decide what you want to wear!
  • You can skip all traditions and really focus on what is important to you two.
  • You can choose any date as you don’t have to worry about picking a date where all your guests would be available.
  • You have the whole day to yourself and spend it as you wish to as newly weds ( I can think of a thousand photos to use your time 🙂 )

If these reasons did not yet seem like worth thinking about, how about his bomb…


It means you can save a ton of money because it’s just the two of you! (and two witnesses … and one CAN absolutely be the Photographer…wink wink)

And if an elopement sounds too scary, why not just have the closest family and your most important friends with you?

This obviously does not and should not necessarily mean that you cannot have a big party after. I think you should! And what most couples complain about their wedding day is that it went by so fast and they wish they would have had more time to spend with their friends on the day. 

Well, have it all! Why not?

Newly wed couple stealing a kiss in front of the forth rail bridge in South Queensferry

Hire your favourite restaurant’s private suite and have the best ever lunch to Dinner party you can think of!

And if you ask yourself why I am trying to convince you that elopements is the way to go?

I love intimacy. I love authenticity, I love emotions and I love not having to rush.

And right now….if we can keep things in small circles, I think we absolutely should!

funny portrait of a wedding guest with a bow tie

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