During the eight years I have lived in Seville, I was lucky enough to form contacts an friendships with Flamenco performers and Flamenco show organizers. I was been to many performances and although I am not an expert and I really mean that, but I have become to love this dance in my own way.

Being a born German and although this might be the typical topic, I love my rules, guidelines and knowing what to expect and when. Maybe this is one of the reasons I was so drawn to Flamenco. I have played instruments since I was a child and would have told everybody that I know how to clap in rhythm. I used to do ballroom dance, and if you would have asked me, I would have told you I was good at it and knew when to move and what steps to take.

All this changed the first time I saw somebody dance Flamenco. Nothing was as I had learned it should be. The rhythm in every “type” of Flamenco is quite complex and if you don’t know anything, like I did at that time, almost impossible to understand. Steps went from fast to slow to back to jump to so fast you could not even follow the feet. You might think this is impressive, but this is by far not the most impressive thing I fell in love with. It’s the dancer. Specially the women. The emotions they convey is tangible. Well maybe you can’t touch it, but it surely touches you. Their face is a manifestation of everything a woman should feel. Pride, confidence, strength, passion and knowing they are 100% power!

Being a Flamenco loving German photographer living in Edinburgh, there was nothing clearer to do for myself then shooting a session of Power and love in my new hometown!

So some weeks ago I reached out to Elisabeth asking her if she would be up for an urban Flamenco dance session in Edinburgh. And this is what we did!

When I photograph women in my studio, most of the times these women have not been photographed professionally before, and although I coach all my clients into flattering poses, the most important part of being photogenic, is feeling confident!

So please ladies at home posing for your Instagram selfies. Stop the holding your phone up high above your head, stop the smashing millions of IG filters on your photos. Try feeling confident and powerful, that’s the new sexy! And if you need to make faces, stop the duckface and give me your best Flamenco dancer face!

You’ll see how beautiful you are!