• £ 850

    ...ideal for a smaller Wedding...
  • ceremony
  • bride & groom portraits
  • family and group shots
  • reception
  • Online Gallery for easy sharing
  • Book Now
  • Gold
  • £ 1200

    ...your best option...
  • bridal preparation
  • ceremony
  • bride & groom portraits
  • family and group shots
  • reception and speeches
  • First dance
  • Online Gallery for easy sharing
  • Book Now
  • Platinum
  • £ 3000

    ...complete coverage and more...
  • bridal preparation
  • ceremony
  • bride & groom portraits
  • family and group shots
  • reception and speeches
  • dancefloor
  • USB keepsake box with preview print
  • Premium Wedding Album or Folio box
  • Online Gallery for easy sharing
  • Book Now
All Weddings include…

a personal meeting to get to know each other

a couple session prior to the wedding or optional a day after session

S O  M U C H  F U N !

Let's talk...

email me

I know that every wedding is different and unique and that’s exactly what makes them so special and so….you!

These Collections will give you an idea about what prize range your Wedding might fall into. And although I love boxes, lists and everything organised, all the above collections can be customised. Just get in touch and let’s have a chat.

keep your images sve and on display at the same time with this beautiful keepsake box
If you still have some questions, let’s see if those FAQs below help…if not….you know….shout out!

What's my Style?

I find this a very hard question to answer. If you would give me two models and a blank canvas….I’d say….airy, light, bright, honest.
However….you put so much effort into creating your day. You have built your personality throughout your whole life….so I guess that the end result of the photos will be a blend of who you are and how I see you. (Have a look through my Gallery though, so you can get a glimps of what a wedding with me looks like )

Photojournalism or Traditional?

For me personally, this goes hand in hand.
Let me explain a little bit. I will be a fly on the wall when important things happen, ceremony, first kiss, first looks? First dance…… I don’t want to interrupt those special moments. This means that you get the real deal, there may be crazy wind hair, there might be uncle bobs crying face in the background, flowergirls picking their nose…. this is real and those are emotions and situations you want to remember as and how they happened.

I do however highly recommend to take some “formal” portraits and group shots. Not that they need to be formal, they are just planned better and increase the chance of getting a nice picture for a wall that will last forever. So I would take that time to stop uncle bob from looking at that squirrel running by, I would stop the bridesmaid from flirting with the best man for a moment to all look into my camera and get that 1 shot we all want. After that….anything can happen and I’d happily snap along.

So long story short….you get both 🙂

Where am I based and how far can I travel?

I am based in Edinburgh and I travel wherever you want me to go to 🙂 Simples!

I’d much rather talk about travel cost on an individual basis as I don’t think that there is one lid fitting all pots. But basically, if the wedding is close enough, I happily come over with no extra cost. If the Wedding is further than 3 hours traveling and you want me to be there 7 am sharp…..then I’d need a night somewhere with a bed close to where you need me to be on your day. And yes, you’d have to pay for that. But let’s have a chat about it.

I’d love to shoot a wedding at the Maldives as I think I left my heart there and need to get it back, so all you elopers to the Maldives….wink wink….shoot me a mail!

Do we get the raw files?

Short answer is no.

I will keep all raw files, or as well called digital negatives. You will receive your photos in high resolution and can order prints directly through the online gallery if you wish to.
My standards are very high, therefore I am culling all outtakes out and make sure I enhance all photos to make them the best possible they can be.

Don’t worry about not getting all the photos you can. If it passes my QA….it’s in the deal.

Who keeps the Copyright

I do. That means I am the creator and I am the owner of the Photos, just like a painter will always be the painter of his/her drawings. That said, within our wedding photography contract I clearly grant you the usage rights for personal use of all your photos which means you can print them and share away on Social media 🙂 It also means that if somebody contacts you to be able to use one of the photos for comercial reasons, you will just refer them to me.

How many photos will I receive?

That’s a hard one to answer. It depends on what we agreed on in terms of coverage.

It really depends on how much time I spend with you.

Still not good enough of an answer?

Let’s talk really mathematical numberical (I know it’s not a word, still looks good) averages. You will get exactly between 1 and  102,3598745621598 photos 🙂

My Wedding is tiny, I can't find the right Collection?

Every Wedding is different. No Wedding is too small nor too big. My Collection prices are a guideline for you to understand what to expect financially. I am always willing to have a discussion about small intimate elopements with around 10 guests or less. Getting married on a Monday, shoot me an email and let’s talk. Do you only want portraits and no ceremony or reception? If you don’t think you find what you need here, just email me and I’m sure we can figure something out 🙂

When will I see the Photos?

Within four weeks. That’s the goal. It all depends on when you book your wedding and how busy I will be during this time of year. Once you enquire for a date I should be able to tell you if there is any reason to worry that it might take a little bit longer. I always do my best to deliver the photos as soon as I can.

Why you Jasmin?

Short answer….don’t know.

Let’s be honest. Not everybody will get along, so it might as well be that I am not the ideal photographer for you.
Sad but true……(oh good old Metallica days…)

You have now seen a digital version of me, my style, my character and who I am. I guess you like me, otherwise you would have probably moved on to the next photographer’s website.  So the natural next thing to do is to meet. If you are in Edinburgh, I know of loads of nice places to meet. If you are somewhere else, I do Skype 🙂 So let’s meet. And then it will hopefully be easy for you to answer this question.

And if you do, then tell me so I can go ahead and change the answer here too 🙂

What's a couple shoot and why should I have one?

Some people call them engagement shoots, or even worse…e-shoots.

I don’t care if you are engaged or not. You will get married, so you are in love. What more reasons do you need for couple shoot? Plus they make great gifts for mum and grandma…just saying 🙂

Meeting for a session helps us to get to know each other. It helps you feel more at ease in front of my camera and it helps me to get to know you better and be able to understand how you move, laugh and love 🙂

A couple shoot can be held as early or as close to your wedding as you want.

And if you are that magic couple planning on hiring me for your wedding at the Maldives, we could do a shoot the day before the wedding, how cool, right?…..BOOK ME 🙂

What if the photos I have seen don't really look like what I am expecting to receive?

Hmm….I guess we are not a good match then. And as sad as this might be, I think you should continue looking for a professional photographer that takes pictures you absolutely fall in love with. Somebody you think you can connect with and who’s website really speaks to you.
No hard feelings, and good luck, congratulations…and have a blast on your wedding day!

What if we want a Civil Partnership, Humanist ceremony, Gay marriage or a church ceremony...?

I would say Congratulations! Next Question?

Two people in love don’t get stamped in any other category than “wonderful” so no difference for me.

Can our guest get prints?


Your wedding gallery will be yours to share with whomever you want and it’s super easy for friends and family to order prints through there. Best thing about it? You don’t even have to lift a finger 🙂