What is this Personal Branding?

Nowadays we all rely on our online presence. We need profile pictures for just about every account you try to open online, no matter their services.

This goes from LinkedIn to Tinder.
Your first impression is so important that you can’t afford not to make it count!

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It does not matter if you are a lawyer or a blogger, a solopreneur or a singer, a jewellery maker or a photographer, people want to see your face to be able to connect on a more personal level with you and what you re offering.

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When you are looking for services, you most probably did some research, looked for a website or a social media presence to get a feel for the company you are about to invest time, money or emotions in. People do the same with you! Personal Branding is becoming more and more important as consumers are looking for a connection.

You can transmit the right message through just a photograph.

How would you like to be perceived by your audience?

Fun and quirky? approachable and trustworthy? Serious about business and formal? There is no guideline and no right and wrong, it’s all about you! You have to show yourself in the best possible way to make sure your audience know who you are, what you do and what your service is about.

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