Kimberly is one half of the blog Wardrobe Conversations.

Since Kimberly is used to be in front of the camera and getting her pictures taken for her blog, I really wanted to create some portraits that would be somewhat different from how she usually sees herself.

Throughout the shoot, I showed her some shots from the back of my camera and when we got through to the tulle part (oh how I love tulle and sequins) her best comment she could make was: Oh wow…I did not know I could look like this!

Music in my ears!

Kimberly is a stunning woman and does not need a Portrait session to feel beautiful. But I love it when I can show my clients how I can see them transform in front of my camera.

I love my job!

Here are all the Portraits from the day. Enjoy!

Thanks Kimberly for letting me take your Portraits and for being such a great sport getting into all the uncomfortable arm positions that felt strange and yet look good! lol

How Would you like to be photogrpahed?

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