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Make the right first impression with a Personal Branding Session

are you on, or have ever considered signing up for a dating App like tinder? Although my online dating days are long gone, I still remember how hard it was to pick the right profile picture for it.

It had to be one that would show exactly who I am. Exactly! But more gorgeous, slimmer and very approachable 😀

Spoiler alert, I did not have a picture that met these requirements so I think I just took one I liked and cropped my friend out and….Tadaaaa! My best profile pic….NOT!

I never found love online, and since I am the photographer trying to tell you how important portraits are, I (!!!) totally blame my picture for it 🙂

When was the last time you really loved a photo of you?

Yes, well I know a lot about that. But the good news is that I promise you that I will take a portrait of you that you will love!

The best photos of you are the ones were you feel comfortable. confident and radiant! Most of the times this is not inside a photo studio, but on your turf! Your living room, your favourite park, the city centre or anywhere else were you like to hang out. And this is not only a good idea for you to feel great, but you will show your potential “Right swipers” what a date with you could look like. Oh and bring your dog 🙂 Nobody can resist puppies in pictures.

People online will want to be attracted to you as well as your character and nature.

Imagine a shoot with me like a walk with a good friend who happens to take great portraits. Everybody will appreciate a professional quality for good profile pictures, but nobody would like to see stiff Headshots and images that will look posed or fake. So let’s do this the right way.

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