How to be irresistibly sexy and attractive instantly on your photoshoot!

Make the right first impression with a Personal Branding Session

beauty is in the eye of the beholder….yeah, heard it before! This to me is one of the lamest excuses I have heard people say when they don’t like something or somebodies phisique. I could make this post about positive body image and 1 million more things that are “hot topics” but I prefer not to and live and let live everybody with their opinions.

You know, some like green, some blue, others high others low, dark – bright, loud-quiet…..whatever tickles your pickle! But there is one thing that has always attracted me since I can remember, and that is Confidence!

When I see a confident person I am instantly attracted to them. And don’t confuse confidence with arrogance, because arrogance isn’t sexy at all.

But boy, confidence is what every person should wear every day of their life! Confidence is love. It’s self-love and when you love somebody you know that their beauty is almost palpable and has nothing to do with their physical form. It’s their persona that shines through their eyes.

When my clients come to get their photos taken it is the most amazing thing to see how they transform during their session.
What I hear most in the consultation is something like: “I am so unphotogenic” “I would like to lose a few pounds first” “Remember Chandler from friends, that’s me” and many more excuses. And it is those clients whos transformation is the biggest always.

You are allowed to be beautiful

Yes, you are. Sounds stupid, but why do we live with the guilty dirty feeling of not being proud of who we are, proud of how far this body of ours have gotten us through life and proud of the smile on our face when we think about beautiful.

If you still think you could never look like the people on my photos. I would love to challenge you to give it a try. You only buy what you love. You have nothing to lose.

Let me show you how beautiful you are!

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