It is the time of the year where you either have all your Christmas presents already bought, or at least planned….or, you have no clue about what to buy for somebody special since the present should be meaningful.

Let me tell you about what I do and how this might help you find the perfect present for you to gift, or why not, to keep.

If you have been on my website before you might have read the next quote already, if not, then welcome 🙂 and read this…


As you can see in my portfolio, there are real women, small, big, tall, young, skinny, mature, curvey….all sorts of real women. And all of them look stunning! And the easiest recipe to look amazing…and this is where I will be giving away the 1 million pound secret… is simply to feel confident! Easy, right?

Have you ever seen an ugly bride? Do you know why brides look so amazing on their wedding day? It’s because they finally let go of stressing about preparations as it is too late to change something anyway. They have been surrounded by their most loved ones for the last few hours. They have been pampered and treated to all beautiful things, their hair and make-up has been done for them, their nails are in top condition….of course, they would look amazing! And they do.

The most important part of the glowing radiance of a bride though? Is the feeling of being allowed to be the most beautiful person in the room. It’s not only ok, but you are encouraged to pose, smile, laugh and show your best side on your wedding day. And since all people surrounding you are friends and family, it’s easy to do and it’s easy to enjoy this feeling.


I am not saying that I would prepare a wedding for you in my studio, but let me tell you one thing. Nobody needs to marry another person to feel amazing. You are the only thing you need to feel amazing!

What I will do for you though, is hair and makeup. Nothing lets out your inner Beyoncé better than some wind blowing mane and some smoky eyes. Once you see yourself in the mirror you will be ready to give your all on the dancefloor backdrops 🙂

Have a look at this little video from a shoot in the studio and roam through the portrait gallery to get an idea of what we could create together.


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*unfortunately, I can’t find out who the quote above is from neither can I find it online, I might have gotten inspired and made the rest up…who knows….if it’s your quote, please contact me so I can credit you.